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A New Fic!

Well I don't know how this started honestly. Maybe it was hermioneorourke fault, maybe it was my insanity fault, or I don't know. But I wrote another fic...*facepalm*

Hope anyone who reads finds it enjoyable.

Title: Underneath It All (1/?)
Author: Mari (aquaangel)
Character/Pairing: Teyla/Carson, Carson/Rodney, Teyla/Carson/Rodney
Fandom: SGA
Rating: PG
Summary: When a secret Teyla's been hiding accidentally starts to slip out, Atlantis is led on a whirlwind of emotions, misunderstanding, and disaster that will eventually end up with love.
Beta by: hermioneorourke

Underneath It All (1/?)

Chapter One:
Annie are you okay? You okay? You okay Annie?

It was night time in Atlantis, and darkness surrounded the city let alone for the many small lights that turned on softly once it became dark. At this time the city was mostly quiet with the exception of some military personnel that were walking around the corridors till their shifts were done. Everyone else was resting in their rooms for the next day when they are needed once more; everyone except one person.

Teyla Emmagan lay on her makeshift bed in her room in Atlantis. She laid there restless, unable to fall into her regular pattern of a nice deep sleep. Her eyes were closed and to anyone else she was a picture of a peaceful slumber, but her mind was running a mile a minute. Thoughts – images - penetrated her mind. Things she knows she should not be thinking, but cannot fight away.

She shook her face side to side as if trying to shake away the dreading thoughts that had overcome her mind. Logically she knew she should not even think these things let alone let them affect her as it does. But as she continues to fight against it with all her will, she knows deep inside that she is fated to loose. After a few more restless turns she stopped and lay still in her bed, slowly opening her eyes to stare blankly at the ceiling above her. She sighed to herself as she stared upward, ‘This is not right. I should not think nor feel like I do, it is not correct.’ She mentally told her self repeatedly as a mantra in her mind. But alas her mind seemed to go against her will and the more she went against it, the more it came, stronger than before.

This made her angry though as she violently pushed herself up from her bed. “He is already mated. I should not dirty that bond that’s between them with my thoughts. I…” She closed her eyes harshly as she gripped the sheets beneath her, “He is not mine…” she spoke out in a quiet whisper.

‘I must find a way to vanquish these ill thoughts’ she mentally said to herself as she pushed away from her bed not bothering to put on her boots on. She slowly walked to the middle of her room, and tried to think of a way to distract herself. Then her eyes fell on her fighting sticks that lay on a table in her room. “That would be a wise solution.” She spoke out to herself as she headed toward her sticks, grabbing them as she headed out of her room.

Once outside her room in the dark but softly lighted corridors she walked the path the led her towards the training room, a room she frequently visited to not only help strengthen her body but to help ease her mind. At the point of reaching the said room, she was brought to an abrupt halt as she noticed that the room was not vacant as she thought it would be at that time of day.

She silently watched the lone figure attack fiercely at the lone punching bag, like a predator pouncing on its prey for a kill that seemed to go on forever. For some this would have scared off a lot of people, especially those that feared this man, but to a few, especially her, this, his way of fighting was beautiful. It may not be as graceful as hers but it was such as fierce that it deserved to be admired.

The figure stopped attacking the punching bag, grabbing it with his both arms to still it; as he took one or two silent deep breaths he gruffly spoke, “I know you’re there Teyla.”

She smiled as she shook her head and entered the training room. “You are correct Ronon.” She spoke with a small smile as she bowed her head slightly in greetings toward the fellow warrior.

Normally Ronon would ignore and roll his eyes at such actions from anyone but from Teyla a friend and someone who he respected as a warrior he bowed his head in return. He looked at her for a moment and glanced down at the fighting sticks in her hands. “Fight?”

She glanced up at him and shrugged silently. “I was not expecting to run into someone here, but…” she glanced at him once more. “But you are here as am I.” She gave Ronon a small smile, “We fight.”

Ronon just smirked as he went to the other side of the training room where the training weapons were kept and pulled out a pair of practice sticks to use. Once he had them he walked back to stand in the middle of the room where Teyla waited. He started to pace softly back and forth as he relaxed his muscles. Teyla stood watching him for a second before moving to stand in her fighting stance with each stick in either hand, her eyes following Ronon as he paced as panther that was caged up in a cage.

Like a cat about to attack a mouse, Ronon pounced on Teyla swinging his sticks to attack her head on. Teyla lifted her own sticks quickly as she could to counter block his attacks. With all her might she pushed him away, throwing him slightly off balance giving her the advantage to turn the tables and attack him. She swung her sticks toward his face which made Ronon aim his own sticks to block hers but at the moment she was about to hit him she changed tactic and swung one of her sticks at his abdomen. The impact took Ronon by surprise and made him move back once more, grunting softly in a wince.

He violently attacked at her once more, swinging one stick towards her neck and one to her left torso that was left open, unfortunately Teyla’s mind had managed to once again slip back into the pattern of ill thoughts, while Ronon was pushed away the second time. She only caught a glimpse of the two sticks swinging her way before her gut reaction to protect herself kicked in and she managed to block the stick aiming for her neck. But at the same time she had forgotten to protect her lower torso which in the end was left open to the attack. The impact of the stick to her side made gasp in pain as she held Ronon off with both her sticks as he pressed onto her using one arm, one stick. Ronon stared her hard as he pressed on a little longer as he saw her wince before pushing away, he turned and walked away from her to pace back and forth once again. As he paced, Teyla took the time to lift an arm over her left torso side, wincing slightly at the pain she felt as she prodded her skin softly. Ronon glanced at her as he paced stopping as his eyes narrowed. “What’s a matter with you?” he grunted out in a low growl.

She winced once more as she stood straighter in attention to the question that was asked as she turned to look at Ronon. “What do you mean, my friend? There is nothing of concern.” She slowly turn to wincing again slightly adjust the pain as she turned heading out the room. Ronon voice stopped her though.

“Don’t lie to me.”

She stood there, her back to Ronon as she spoke. “This is not your concern Ronon. Let it be.” She was going to continue to walk once more but a grip on her right shoulder was a big sign that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.

“I make it my concern.”

Teyla shrugged his hand off her shoulder, “You shouldn’t. Mind your own buisness Ronon, and let it be.” But Ronon did not let it go; this time he used both hands to grip each side of her, turning her around gently so they were face to face.

He narrowed his eyes as he stared into her chocolate brown eyes, “Someone hurt you?” he growled out. “I can make them hurt too.” He smiled a feral grin, “Really hurt.”

Teyla looked at him as she pictured him hurting her beloved, her eyes widen… ‘Beloved? No she should not think that. Oh the stars Teyla he’s already bonded with someone else, he is not yours to claim…you can not be with Carson…’ she thought in her mind. Though her silence and reaction only made Ronon angrier thinking someone had hurt her in some way and they were going to pay, and pay dearly. He was going to question her further when he heard her whisper a name – Carson. His eyes widen in shock, the doctor? But his eyes narrowed nevertheless and he pushed Teyla away storming out the room.

Before Teyla realized what had take place Ronon was out of the training room and into the corridor heading down to the infirmary to find a particular doctor.

She stood there staring at the doorway which Ronon had just left through breathing heavily. ‘Carson…Ronon…nononono…’ Her eyes scattered around the floor blankly looking at nothing in particular as her mind tried to focus, and she did on one thing – stop Ronon from hurting Carson. With that in mind, Teyla ran out the room in pursuit.

Tags: atlantean three, fic, underneath it all

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  • FIC: What's in a Name?

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