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McShep: Stand Here With Me

'Cause You're My Daily Dose of Reality

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Name's Mari and I'm a female and a Hispanic and I adore the color purple and dogs. Yeah.... I'm not really good at this sort of thing. I'm friendly and a bit weird (but aren't we all really?) I'm currently living in California, though I'm originally from NYC. What do I like? I like a lot of things really, though to name each thing would take forever and a day, so just trust me on that.

I've know that for so long I've neglected this journal....sad shame in that. *hugs her sad journal* I'm making it my goal to change that however.... hopefully those who added me in the past as their friend here, still want to keep being friends and I look forward to befriending new people in the future. So hopefully it isn't a total lost...

To all honestly, I'm not one to write down personal things normally in any journal - nothing against anyone or anything. It's just not my thing - but as I said I'm going to do my best and use this journal as much as I can from now on. Anyhow, want to friend me? Feel free. I'll try my best to remember to add you back, but if it seems like I don't, don't take it personally - it may just mean I haven't notice yet.

If you're still here after reading this and still want to check out my journal - then welcome. ^.^


Moodthemes I've made or gathered from others:

Comic Heroes: by kittywitch
SGA - McKay/Sheppard: by halowrites
Harry Potter: by aquaangel
BtVS/AtS - Cordelia Chase by frontyardninja

I married kittywitch at marry_a_ljuser on Dec 12, 2005.

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Cameron/Daniel is Pr0n Love

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